Discover Hot Kalouts

Kalouts are the places that you can find peace and where you are surrounded just by pure silence, serenity and the world’s largest natural phenomenon made of clod.

Most of travelers don't usually experience night in desert but you can experience it with us: we Lie down on the cool sand and observe the night sky. Hug and Touch the stars!!!!

Tour Services:

  1.  insurance
  2. travel authorization from the cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism organization
  3. 1 nights stay in Ecolodge
  4. transportation
  5. Experienced English or French speaking guide
  6. 3 meals (Breakfast, dinner, lunch)

Places to visit:

  • roode-e-shoor ( shoor river)
  • Kalouts
  • Twin windmill
  • caravanserai
  • Tappeh-tokhmorghi (egg shaped hills)
  • water reservoir
  • Sunrise in kalouts
  • Sunset in kalouts

duration: 24 hours






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