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Shahdad, Bam, Mahan and Meymand are the four important  cultural and natural heritage cities of Kerman which are included in this tour .


Tour Services:

  1.  insurance
  2.  travel authorization from the cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism organization
  3. 2 nights stay in Ecolodge 1 night satay in geust house
  4.  transportation
  5.  Experienced English or French speaking guide
  6.  3 meals (Breakfast, dinner, lunch)
  7.  All the entrance fees

 Places to visit:                          

  •  Roode-e-shoor ( shoor river)       
  •  Kalouts
  • Twin windmill
  •  Caravanserai
  •  Tappeh-tokhmorghi
  •  Water reservoir
  •  Sun rise in kalouts
  •  Sun set in kalouts
  •  Bagh-e shazdeh (shazdeh garden)
  •  Shah nematollah vali shrine
  •  Arg-e rayen
  •  Arg-e bam or Maymand village (if your choice is to see both place, the plan duration would be 86 hours)



     72 hours

 Special offer:

     kerman tour for free

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