21st April 2019

After lots of rainy days in the early spring, we had an amazing April with delicate climate.

Martin and Mirka, a lovely couple, decided to discover our Kerman for two days.They are from Slovakia. Associable, patient and travel lovers. They perfectly adapted themselves to the trip.

We started from Kerman and had an off-road trip from Shahdad to Keshit( a waterfall in the middle of desert). We felt the warmth and silence of Lut desert during sunset. We waited for stars to join us in the sky. Talked about them and their legends.In the Next day, we went to Mahan (Shazde Garden, Shahnematolla shrine). We had effective conversations about difference of religions and customs around the world.

At the end we walked through Keman Bazzar and visited Ganjali Khan Complex. Martin and Mirka left us in the evening and went to the Yazd. I really miss them, their passion for the desert and their sense of humor, and hope to see them again in Iran.

And like all people who will choose us, they and their close relatives(wife, kid, brother, sister, parents) can enjoy our DiscoverIran trip with 20% discount from now on.

Looking forward to seeing them again.

21st April 20191


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