20th September 2018

20th September 2018 was the time that we start 2day trip to Lut desert, Keshit and Bam.

Joao Martin and his lovely wife was our travelers from Portugal. These are the main places we saw Shafi Abad Qanat, Kalouts, Bagh-e-Shazdeh, Shah nematollah shrine, Keshit Canyon, Arg-e-Bam. Hamed was their guide for their trip and he said that they are the most amazing couple he ever had. so lovely.

And like all people who will choose us, they and their close relatives(wife, kid, brother, sister, parents) can enjoy our DiscoverIran trip with 20% discount from now on.

Looking forward to seeing them again.

20th September 2018 1

20th September 2018 2

20th September 2018 3

20th September 2018 4

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