Mozaffari Jameh mosque

The Jameh mosque of Kerman is situated in Moshtagh (Shohada) square. It is placed near the Gangalikhan bazar. It was built in the fourteenth century by Amir Mobarezeddin Mohammad –e-Mozaffari-e-Meybodi-Yazdi, who was a king of Al-e-Mozaffar dynasty. It's about 700 years old. This building is the best example of the architecture left by the Mozafarri dynasty, that’s why they call it Mozaffari Jameh mosque.

Mozaffari Jameh mosque architecture

Mozaffari Jameh mosque 1

The Mozaffari Jameh mosque comprises a rectangular court surrounded by an arcade with four iwans placed at the center of each side. The southern main iwan is flanked by additional galleries on the second floor. It is higher, wider and deeper than the other three open iwans. Unlike other mosques, the southern main iwan does not precede a closed domed chamber, but opens the hall behind it to the court. The eastern and western iwans are both rectangular. The main entrance to the mosque is located to the north by its soaring portal iwan. Two additional entrances are found on the south and west. One another important thing about this mosque is that there aren’t any minarets, which makes it unique among other mosques in Iran. The mihrab is situated in the southern main iwan. It was built in the sixteenth century. It is surrounded by a semi- dome comprising two muqarnas tiers of mosaic tile work of arabesque motifs placed on top of a marble dado. The mihrab’s arch is framed by a rectangular frame with an inscription band flanked by two rectangular panels of glazed mosaic tiles of geometric arabesque motifs. The main portal iwan is ornamented with an extraordinary variety of rectangular panels of geometric, floral, and vegetal motifs. . The whole mosque is decorated with the geometric arabesque patterns in white, dark and light blue, and a breathtaking yellow inscribing floral patterns. The Mozaffari Jameh mosque of Kerman continues to attract visitors for its ornamentation, design, and location.

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