Harandy Garden Museum

Harandy garden museum was founded by "abdul saltaneh" a high-ranked military officer during Qajar era in 1911, and later it was bought by Abdolghasem Harandi who was a progressive businessman. On his death Harandi bequeathed the garden and its building to the ministry of culture and art.

Harandy Garden Museum 2

Harandy Garden Museum

Harandy garden museum houses 3 museum: 

  1. Traditional musical instruments museum: The first ground of the main building is used as traditional musical instruments museum. This museum was inaugurated on May 18, 2001. It introduced as first Iranian musical instruments museum. The founder of museum was Hossein Masoud( the great master of this art). This museum houses a large collection of Iranian traditional musical instruments such as Taar, Santour, Robbab, Qichak etc and its neighbors which their music is familiar and same to our music.
  2. Harandy musical instruments meuseumArchaeology museum: the upper floor of the main building is used as archaeology museum. The main purpose of creating this museum is to show ancient civilization of Kerman province and the relashionship between these civilizations and the adjacent historical areas. Some of the component in this museum have obtained as a result of scientific excavation of archaeology in Shahdad and the cultural areas of Halilrood which are belongs to three periods: prehistoric, historic and Islamic perids.
  3. Harandy Archaeology museumFossil museum: 2 rooms at the end of garden is used as fossil museum. All fossils are collected by Mr Tajrobekar, And it should be noted that he has found and collect over 270 thousand piece of fossils in Kerman province. The climatic features of the region provided preservation of unique fossils for hundreds of milions of years. This include plants,animal bones and flesh and eggs.

Harandy Fossil Museum

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