Konar Sandal


 Arrata Civilization in Kerman

Perpetual beliefs about the first civilization in the universe are related to Mesopotamia. But there is another civilization which could be the first one in the world. If you discover Kerman you can see it in two cities of kerman: Shahdad and Jiroft.

Konar Sandal2

Konar Sandal

Konar Sandal is a village located about 30 kilometers south of Jiroft city. Sometimes you can't find it on the google map. Konar Sandal is an archeological site of the Bronze Age .there are two hills. The distance between the north and south hills is about 1.5 kilometers from each other. South Hill is almost elliptical, about 21 meters high from the surface of the surrounding area. The hill is considered to be the remains of a gigantic structure built on an ancient older hill and likely to have a tower about 11 meters wide. Also, scrolls and plaques have been found with an unknown line. Archaeologists believe that this lines might be the first written language in the world even before Assyrians or before the invention of writing in Mesopotamia.this place is the civilization that dates back to the third millennium BC and was confirmed by hand-crafted work in 2001.

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Jiroft's plates can change many of the books of the history of renowned universities in the world, which show the richness of this ancient civilization. The city of Jiroft in the south of Kerman witnessed a huge flood during the last decade. After flooding and washing the layers of the soil, especially in the plains around the Konar Sandal, dishes and unique objects appeared, and people found historic spoons, dishes and objects that amaze them. In ancient times, the Konar Sandal hills had been used as a religious center. There is a temple on top of the hills, recognized as one of the most important ziggurats ever found in the world and over four million bricks had been used for its construction. The clay tablets of Jiroft which founded in Iraq highlights the greatness of this civilization.

ziggurats konar sandal
Recent excavations in Jiroft revealed new dimensions of the ancient civilization of the city. Archaeologists are busy digging these hills to discover the secret of an ancient land.

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