Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum

Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum located in Shariati Street and it's called the Museum of Contemporary Arts. This museum is also called by its founder who was Ali Akbar Sanati (1916–2006), who spent most of his childhood in the orphanage. He was a great painter and sculptor. Half of the works in the museum belongs to him and the other belong to 83 Iranian artists and 16 foreigner artists. It also exhibits works by younger Iranian artists and even a bronze hand by Auguste Rodin.

Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum


Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum description

The best art museum is located in Tehran but Kerman's museum has included the most valuable treasure of contemporary arts in Iran and in the world, and it would be the second museum in this category. About 1200 works of art are kept in Sanati museum. These pieces of art include sconces of bronze, gypsum, marble and wood, stone mosaics, chiaroscuro, oil paintings and watercolors.

Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum

Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum background

This museum was built nearly 80 years ago for an orphanage. It has been the orphanage since then to about 40 years.after that it changed to a museum. The main building of the museum is formed in a linear fashion and is made of bricks and rocks. The roof of this museum is a dome in the pattern of traditional Iranian architecture. In front of the building, there is a stoic that has been used in Iranian fashion to protect and shade and cool the rooms. It does not have a special decoration, but architecturally, given the fact that it was formed at a particular point in the history of architecture, it is very important and actually represents the last days of the integration in the traditional architecture. The museum's area is also arranged with Persian garden pattern. The main point of art museum in Kerman is the big difference of this county with other cities in Iran. Kerman is a labyrinth in history and nature, but you can discover a contemporary museum in it. That's fantastic.

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