Fathabad Garden

Fathabad garden is located 16 km North West of Kerman, Iran, in the nearby Ekhtiarabad village; boasting its royal antiquated elegance the visitors and traveler who enter. according to historians, this pattern has been used to constructing Shazdeh Garden in Mahan. The history of the construction of the garden is around the year 1255 (Hijri-Shamsi), In Qajar period. Fazl Ali Khan Biglar Beygi ,the ruler of Kerman, was ordered to build this garden,so it is also called Biglarbeygi Garden. The Fathabad Qanat water passed through fathabad Garden in the past, and it was so refreshing and in its day, the Fathabad Qanat was a key supplier of water for the city of Kerman. Through which, it also supplied water for the Fathali Garden and mansion.

Fathabad garden2

Fathabad garden background

The Fathabad Garden for a long time had been abandoned and damaged and most of the trees have dried up and under the auspices of the cultural heritage, restoration and reconstruction of the garden began in 1392. Although this garden isn’t registered as a part of the Persian Gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it’s still definitely worth visiting. If you’re really looking to wowed, head over to the dignified garden at dusk and soak-in the exquisite red, orange and yellow hues projected onto the mansion’s façade. Not to mention the reflection of it all in the central garden pool! The magnificently crafted mansion is comprised of multiple arcades on its ground floor and surrounding walls, all while holding up the stunning second floor with its glorious terrace.

Fathabad garden4

The historical Fathabad garden and mansion is one of the demonstrated structures known to have been connected to the well-known (pun intended) antiquated Fathabad Qanat system. Prestigiously sitting at the northern wing of the garden, the plush two-story chateau views over two large rectangular pools, reflecting its stunning façade. The building structure is made entirely from raw adobe and plaster. It’s quite amazing what the old-time architects and builders could do with such delicate and simple materials.

Fathabad garden

Interestingly, this unpretentious yet luxurious mansion served as the founding structural template for the subsequent Shahzdeh Garden in Kerman city. Don’t miss out on your view of the revived beauty, while in town!

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