Haj-Agha Ali house

Haj-Agha Ali house is one of the largest and most beautiful adobe houses in the world, with an infrastructure of over 7000 square meters and also with Iranian architecture, is located in Kerman. This house's name is Haj-Aqa Ali. Haj-Aqa Ali was the main owner of Rafsanjan,(one of the cities in Kerman Province) he was a well-known merchant and was connected with Eastern countries like India and China.

Haj Agha Ali house

Haj-Agha Ali house description

This building is located 6 km from Rafsanjan city. It was built in 1758. The house has eighty-six rooms (haft-dari, panj-dari,se-dari and closets) which have been constructed in four main parts of the basement, including: spring house, alcove, fall house and winter house. A large kitchen and a large warehouse have been responsible for supplying the needs of this complex. Four courtyards, indoor and outdoor corridors have been linked to various parts of this house.

HajAgha Ali house

This house was known as "appropriative house". The construction of this building has been used for indigenous desert areas. And each section is made up of a geographic location. One of the amazing parts of the house is Howz-khane, which is the widest indoor area in the house. Its roof is covered by a huge dome at the height of the second floor. In the middle of the Howz-khane, there is a rectangular dock that has been linked to the ponds of lateral yards and its water was supplied through the Qanats. This part was designed by exquisite stucco with Slavic patterns.

Haj-Aqa Ali house is a complete sample of Iranian architecture and creativity.


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