Khajeh Atabak’s Tomb

Khajeh Atabak’s Tomb (he was one of the ministers of the Seljuk rulers) is located in southeastern of Kerman province which is one the most valuable remnant of the Seljuk era in the 6th century AH.

khajeh atabak tomb1The most important features of his tomb are the tile and gypsum decoration. It is the first Iranian monument in which color as an important and interesting element was used in building decoration. The use of turquoise tiles in plastering and brickwork has created a beautiful combination.
The tomb was apparently located in the garden belonging to Khajeh Atabak. The roof of the tomb was collapsed about 70 years ago, and then it rebuilt, so you can’t see any decoration on the ceiling now.

Khaje atabak tomb

Contrary to the octagonal exterior, the inside of the chamber is a square. The entrance door of the tomb is located on the southern side of the building. Other sides of the building are built like the southern side, and their only difference is the door position, in which there are frames with geometric decorations on these sides instead of the door. This structure has a highly ornate Mihrab with inscriptive rectangular frames as well as Kuffic and Thulth inscriptions.

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