Gonbad-e-Jabalieh or Jabalie dome is an octagonal structure located in Kerman.It has been constructed of brick stone. It is attributed to Seljuke rulers.Its architectural style shows that it is from Sassanid period.
The building of the dome is 20 meters high.It has 8 doors with the width of 2 meters and now except the gat, they are all blocked with stones in order to prevent destruction of building.In the construstion of building instead of water, camel milk has been used.Inside the dome there are some inscriptions and there is some evidence of it.
The name of the dome is derived from the term “Jabali” which had originally been “Gabri”. The changing in pronunciation shows that the construction was before the Arab invasion of Iran.In the year 1937 the Jabalieh Dome was registered by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Department.

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