Yakhdan Moayedi

Yakhdan Moayedi (also called Moayedi Ice-house )

Yakhdan is a circular structure made of sun baked bricks and clay that resembles a huge dome. This touristy structure is located in Kerman and it's surrounded by lush greenery.There are several ditches around this ice-house which were filled with rain water in winter, then after the water iced, the ice weas led to the ice-house to be used in summer.
Moayedi is the name of a parish in Kerman and it includes some parts of fields and old Moayedi Ice-house qanat in /takhti square and Khorshid Abuhames streets. It sites in Shahid Kamyab in the same region of Kerman.It seems that Moayed Aldin Reyhan, one of the rulers of Kerman had been the owner of it.
The gardens would fill with water during winter and then the ice would be slid into the yakhchal to be used in warmer months.

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