The National library of Kerman

The National Library of Kerman (the Sun Spinning Factory) is related to the first Pahlavi period and is located in Kerman city, Shahid Rajaee St (Previous name of the street was Khorshid which means sun).

national library of kermanThis monument was registered on September 30, 1999 with the number 2419 as one of the national works of Iran.This beautiful library has a beautifully landscaped area and the building is located in the middle of it.There are cedar trees and the water pond inside the area, which has given a beautiful beauty to the building itself. Types of doors and windows that still retain their original style and decorative bricks are beautiful and exquisite. In addition to mosaic tiles, this masonry bricks has created a very beautiful texture in the facade. The entrance to this building has an identity, which is also in addition to the decorated entrance space.

the national library of kerman

The construction of the library dates back to the year 1929 A.D., the architect - Mohammad Ali Rawari - built the building on the order of a group of capitalists in Kerman, Rafsanjan and Yazd to start the spinning and knitting factory in the Khorshid street. The factory was active for a while, but it could not continue to work and shut down. In 1989, the building was rebuilt from the existing facilities, it began to be known as the center for research about Kerman for some time, and two years later, it became a national library in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage Organization.

the national library of kerman

There are 121,000 volumes of books in the library and more than 30 librarians work there. Kerman Central Library now has various departments such as reception, technical services, trusteeship, reference, manuscripts and lithographs, audiovisual resources, new book exhibitions, library of the blind and children library which provide services to fellow travelers and respectable clients.

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