Shah Nematollah

Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali was a sufi master, poet and founder of an order of dervishes from 14th and 15th centuries.Shah Nematollah Vali shrine which is about 6000 square meters in size, is located in 35 km south-east of Kerman city in Mahan. The construction of the complex began in the year 848 Hijri Lunar and continued until six centuries later. This structure is also famous for its tilework and seven ancient wooden doors.

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The shrine complex comprises four courtyards ( Atabaki, Vakil-ol-Molkia, Mirdamad, Hosseiniyeh ) a reflecting pool, museum, mosque and twin minarets covered with turquoise tiles from the bottom up to the cupola. On the southwestern side of the portico behind the shrine, there is a small place as Chelleh Khaneh (40 Nights House), where Shah Nematollah Vali spent 40 days and nights worshipping God. Its roof is like the hat worn by Sufis and has 12 cracks in it.

shah nematollah

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