Maymand(also spelt Maymand and Meimand) is a village of troglodytes ( cave dwellers ) ,self-contained, semi-arid area at the end of a valley at the southern extremity of Iran’s central mountains.The history of human settlements in this village dates back to the 3 thousand years ago which making it one of Iran’s four oldest surviving villages.

They raise their animals on mountain pastures, living in temporary settlements(nomad tent) during spring and autumn. on the other hands in winter months they live lower down the valley in cave dwellings carved out of the soft rock (kamar), an interestin way of living in a dry, desert environment.

one more thing i can say about meymand is that According to some historian the original history of Meimand belongs to 12000 years ago. They say that there is an inscription in 7 or 8 km Meimand that the mentioned date has been engraved on it.

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