Gohar-riz Qanat

Gohar-riz is consisted of 6 Qanat chains


Gohar-riz Qanat is consisted of 6 Qanat chains which their total length is 3556 meters, containing 129 wells. It’s one of the biggest Qanats is southern east of Iran and it is said to be two thousand years old.

The main tunnel of Qanat is located at a depth of 20 meters so there is no light there and flash lights are needed. The important point about Gohar-riz Qanat, which is unique in the world and led to its registration in UNESCO list, is that a part of Qanat is big enough that a man can walk in it. The flood in 1379 caused destruction of some parts of the Qanat, in the course of its repair, this corridor section was added. And in 1384 became a tourism project and then destination.

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