Bagh-e shazdeh

Bagh-e Shazdeh (Shazdeh garden) meaning Prince Mahan’s Garden is a persian historic garden and is located around 6 km from Mahan in Kerman. It is spread over 5.5 hectares (approximately 407 meters long and 122 meters wide) with a wall around it. Bagh-e Shazdeh has been constructed In the 11-year rule of Qajar dynasty governor Abdolhamid Mirza Naseroldoleh (governor of kerman), in 1900 . Shazdeh garden is the ninth Iranian garden that has been registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in June of 2011. It is rumored that after hearing the news of governor death, the masons immediately abandoned their work and as a result there are some unfinished areas in the main entrance.

shazdeh garden

Baghe Shazdeh view

The garden itself consists of a variety of pools in a terraced fashion, pavilion, different kind of trees and flowers. As a result of the 6.4% slope along the garden, and its 407 meter length, a height difference of about 20 meters occurs. This natural slope leads to the division in the garden to determine the nature of the garden. The trees that can be founded in Shazdeh garden are

  • Evergreen and windbreak trees (such as pine, cedar)
  • Shady and wide-leaf trees (such as elm, rowan, sycamore, aspen)
  • Ornamental plants (such as ornamental cedars, juniper, Shirkhesht)
  • Fruit trees

baghe shazdeh

The clever use of natural aspects (proper soil, light breezes and Qanat water) has enabled The architect to create such an environment in conflict with its dry surroundings. Bagh-e shazdeh is considered to be one of the prime examples of Persian Garden, because a prominent aspect of every Persian Garden is to take advantage of the natural climate to enhance its designs which can be seen here obviously.

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