One of the most sophisticated and astonishing ecosystems of Kerman province is situated near the widespread and terrific Lut desert. Keshit, a collection of tens of waterfalls and springs, is a real mirage in the desert. After passing through a plain of just sand and burning sun, a valley full of water, palms and fruit trees suddenly appears; a paradise in the hell.

keshit satellite

This valley with 3 km long is located on the southern bank of Lut desert, in Keshit rural region and 40 km of Golbaf district. The walls of this deep valley are covered by mosses and ferns, which alongside its ever-flowing waterfalls and rivers and also palm-groves, create an exquisite and spectacular landscape.

The remarkable point about this area is a 12-meter high cascade that has created a natural and large pond, where local people call the sea. This pond is 600 square meters in size and its depth has not yet been determined.

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