Kalouts is Legendary phenomena in deserts


Kalouts (Yardang) is the large area of soft, poorly consolidated rock and bedrock surfaces that have been extensively grooved, fluted, and pitted by wind erosion. The rock is eroded into alternating ridges and furrows essentially parallel to the dominant wind direction. Yardangs are formed by wind erosion, typically of an originally flat surface formed from areas of harder and softer material. The soft material is eroded and removed by the wind, and the harder material remains. The resulting pattern of Yardangs is therefore a combination of the original rock distribution, and the fluid mechanics of the air flow and resulting pattern of erosion.

Yardangs is often found in soft sediments of past lakes and are found in some of the deserts of the world, including the western desert of Egypt and the Lut desert in Iran.

Kalouts in Iran


Kaluts is the largest city in the world, made of cloves, located in the Lut desert, 40 km northeast of Shahdad in Kerman province. It is the largest natural phenomenon in the world, as well as the most unique desert disaster, and it is like a large city with short and long buildings. Near Shahdad there are Nebkhas (desert vases) with the length of 10 meters, While the longest nebkhas of Africa's desert are 3 meters long. nebkha is a type of sand dune, that forms around vegetation.It is an aeolian landform, a structure built and shaped by the action of wind.

Legendary Kalouts have 1,000 square kilometers wide, they were created About 20,000 years ago, with the erosion of water and wind. Their height reaches over 100 meters and in some parts the altitude is a mere 56 meters above sea level. There is a 1000 square meter of salt in the form of egg yolk which is totally unique in the world. About 30000 meters around the Kalouts,There is no plant in, and there is essentially no living creature even germs.This area is famous for geologists as one of the Earth's thermal pole. Somehow because of the highest surface temperature of the earth which is recorded in this area, 70 C.

Discover Kalouts

 kalouts night

When you arrive this place for the first time you can see an amazing world around yourself, silence, blue sky and mountains of sand. Sunrise and sunset in Lut desert are the special experience in nature with no other samples. Sleeping in that desert is the complete kind of relaxing. There are different ecolodges in Shahdad with food and residence services. Kalouts are one part of Lut desert and the extent of this area is unbelievable. Local guide could help and show you the safest place in Kalouts.


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