Windcather or windtower

by Leili Nezhadzamani

A windcather or windtower have been served as a cooling system which is used to provide ventilation with the use of renewable wind power.

Windcather is a traditional Persian architectural element that creates natural ventilation in buildings. As its name denotes, as part of the building form, it is typically considered in any hot, dry and humid region of persia. It plays an effective and important role in modifying heat and adjusting a temperature of interior living spaces in regard to thermal comfort as it uses the convection created by a wind flow and natural pure energy.
The windcatcher's effectiveness had led to its usual use as a refrigerating device in Persian architecture. Many ab anbars are built with windcatchers that can store water at near freezing temperatures during summer months. The most evaporative cooling effect belong to the driest climates which have been lead it to the ubiquitous use of windcatchers in drier areas such as Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, Sirjan, Nain, and Bam.

Windcather or windtower design

Windcather design and structure:

Windcatchers come in different designs: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional. They tend to have one, four, or eight openings. The construction of a windcatcher depends on the direction of airflow at that particular location: for instance if the wind tends to blow from only one side, it is built short and with only one downwind opening

Windcather or windtower function

Windcather Function:

In windcatcher the driven air flow forces are all natural. They arise from either a blowing wind, or a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building. When windcatcher is placed on the roof of a building, a blowing wind will generate a high pressure on the windward side of the windcatcher, and lower pressures inside the building and on the leeward side of the windcatcher. These pressure differences are often enough to drive the fresh air from the wind into the building, and extract the stale interior air out, through the windcatcher’s openings.

Windcather or windtower function1

When there is a temperature difference between the building interior and the outside, the windcatcher can also deliver ventilation flow. This is because hot air rises due to changes in buoyancy force on air parcels at different temperatures.

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