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by Saeedeh AmirPoor

Why do we need to travel?

Humans love to travel. Mentally or physically, we escape to other places

. We crave new world. We seek the unknown. We want to see new places, learn new things, enjoy new experiences and then return home to the familiar, the predictable, the secure, before taking off again on our travels. We search peaceful during our adventure in the other side of our geographical or psychological world. Our souls need to discover new places, discover pristine natures. 

why traveling

This is a human need. It is why we have uncovered our world, travelled its length, and hiked to the top of its mountains and the depth of its oceans. It is why we became discontent with exploring our own plant but had to move beyond it into the unknown. It is our nature to travel. It is our joy to travel. It is our paradoxical psychological disposition to wish for the contradictory conditions of stability and change: to stay and to go, to be and to explore, to rest and to travel seek and lose again.

Why do you need to travel Iran?
What are your criteria for travel? What are your standards for choose a place? Do you think about the Safety of that area? Natural heritage? Cultural heritage? Your budget? Distance from your place? Friends' suggestion? Virginity of that county? UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
Most of the people choose a country which has the most tourist's visit during a year. Tourism industry follow advertisement and luxury oriented. Travel agencies consider most specific and most expensive hotels and guesthouses for their tourists. Travel planners look in for the safest and most comfortable places but is it your plan for travel? Is this your standard for renewal of freedom and tranquility? Do you know there is a country which has all standards that are in your plan?

meydan naghsh jahan
Improve the overall quality of products and services within the tourism industry in Iran(all tourism-related accommodation, restaurants, tour guides, tour operators, and other tourism-related service providers);this country raise the levels of demand nationally, regionally and internationally; promote competiveness within the industry; and, provide valuable and reliable information on quality standards for the tourist and the travel industry. So we can change your old thoughts and criteria as well.
Iran is a large country within the Middle East and is part of the South-Central Asian Union, between the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea. According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran ranked tenth of the ancient and historical attractions and ranked fifth of natural attractions in the world. The UNESCO World Heritage List in Iran includes 22 locations registered at the UNESCO World Heritage List. The list includes 21 works of cultural heritage and a natural heritage work. Maybe you never want to select a country at the center of Middle East but have you ever searched about Iran's safety? It's Peaceful? It's Nature? It's History? Do you know anything about Iranian hospitability?
Let's try a different country for ever, let's experience all your standards together.

What is the best choice in Iran?
We have at least 7 wonderful cities which surprise you by their attractions. One of them located near the center of the country, with less than 600 kilometers to Shiraz and Esfahan. A city with the only natural heritage of Iran's UNESCO list. It has four other registered heritage too. That is Kerman. A city of light, antiquity and art. Love, friendship and kindness.

UNESCO heritages site
The most important city in the southeast of Iran. It is also one of the largest cities of Iran in terms of area. Kerman is famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage . The city is home to many historic mosques and Zoroastrian fire temples. Kerman is also on the recent list of the world's 1000 cleanest cities. Otherwise the region's main attractions – notably Mahan, Rayen and the Kaluts – are well out of town. When you travel to Iran, all three can be seen on a long day trip from Kerman, but each now has their own decent accommodation if you'd prefer to escape the city bustle.
You can discover the awesome gift of nature in Kerman and feel every four season's climate during one week. And there's no sense that you can deny it. Travel Iran and Kerman is more than going somewhere. It is a psychological and spiritual event. It requires motivation and imagination. We are sure about our wishes to travel and dislodge. Travel Iran is a kind of flying.
Plan and decide and choose us and travel to a world of wonder and beauty.


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