by Mina Aghamollaei

Kerman province as the vastest province is situated in the south eastern Central part of Iran. It is surrounded by the provinces of Khorasan on the north, yazd and Fars on the northwest and west respectively,

Hormozgan on the south and Sistan va Baluchestan on the east .The province has a capital by the same name. Due to its topography, special climate, environmental and natural situation, and vastness, Kerman province offers a climatic diversity of hot, to extremely dry, very dry, cold, and a countryside which nears steppe, semi-arid, to desert climates, which is rare and unique in this regard.

UNESCO heritages site

The economy of Kerman is mostly based on farming and also mining. Sarcheshmeh Copper mine is the second biggest copper mine in the world. Pistachio is an important source of economy in Kerman, with Kerman province being the biggest producer of pistachio in Iran and all over the world. Carpet weaving is one of the main industries of the city and Kermanian carpet is renowned internationally. Kerman is one of the five historical cities of Iran. There are 5 UNESCO heritages in Kerman province, including Bam and its cultural landscape, bagh-e shazdeh, Meymand village, gohar-riz  Qanat, and Lut desert. It makes Kerman a unique place for visitors from all over the world.

Kerman old gate



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