Ab Anbar

by Hamed Fathi

Ab anbar (āb-anbār) means 'water storage' in Persian. The main purpose of water storage is To provide a completely waterproof container for a large volume of water while allowing for proper ventilation and access.

Ice houses

by Saghar Nazari 

Ice houses buildings used to restore ice throughout the year before invention of refrigerator. As architecture of Iran was a response to the needs of human life and temperature factors, these dome shaped structures designed to protect ice from melting in hot summers of Iran

Chaharshanbe Suri

by Saeedeh AmirPoor

Chaharshanbe Suri (Fire Festival of Iran) is one of the Iranian celebrations that held on the last Wednesday of the year and is the first celebration of Nowruz and spring.


by Saghar Nazari
Sadeh is an old and mid-winter festival which is held on 10th of Bahman (30th January)among Zoroastrian in Iran. It is a feast to celebrate the discovery of fire.